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Coronavirus is not yesterday’s news. The whole world already feels the effect created by this virus. The pandemic continues to not only affect our health but, in many ways possible. Without a doubt, one of the industries which feel the most significant impact is aviation and tourism.    

The good news is, with the recent vaccine already rolling out to major countries, there is perhaps a light at the end of the tunnel for the year 2021. In the year 2021, traveling will be possible once again. The aviation and tourism industries will slowly recover. We will see a lot of travelers will take advantage of this situation to go out and travel.    

With this pandemic still ongoing in our world, it will undoubtedly impact how we travel. To get back all the convenience that we had to travel like before will not take a few months but maybe years.    

Below are the possible things that will happen and all the changes that we need to adapt to the new norm of traveling.   

Proof of Vaccination   

When traveling are made possible again, most countries will impose new travel requirement. The new condition will include proof of vaccination for Covid – 19 for all international travelers. With this, a passport is not only the mandatory thing you need to travel.    

With this vaccination, perhaps quarantining will be shorter or even not mandatory anymore.    

Longer Traveling Period   

Staying at home has taught not only us but everyone out there that working at home is possible. It made offices obsolete and enabled us to spend more time with our families and loved one.   

With this new norm that we are having, more of us will have the opportunity to travel around while working remotely; make sure a laptop and internet connection is available.    

With this in mind, we do not need to apply for leaves to have a vacation. Instead, we could apply for work from home while enjoy traveling around the world.    

Traveling is Privilege Not a Right   

The most debate that we had some time ago is that some believe traveling is a right and not a privilege.    

With the pandemic hitting us hard every day, it has become apparent there is no doubt traveling is indeed a privilege and certainly not a right anymore.   

Having the perception of traveling is a privilege will lead us to one important thing; to appreciate traveling even more. Not everyone has the chance to experience traveling around the world. Now in the future, when we get the opportunity to travel, we will savor each moment of it.    

For the latest travel news related to Covid – 19, check Global Travel Reopening Dashboard. These news articles will update about the reopening of attractions around the world, reopening of international borders, and other recent traveling updates.    

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