The Best RPG Game on Nintendo Switch; Divinity Original Sin 2

What with this game really? The spotlight that this game receives is very overwhelming with a rating over the rooftop given by the gamer’s critiques. And let’s not talk about the game creator, Larian Studios. Wait, who are they again?   

Okay, before we jump in and shooting our gun towards the game, let us briefly introduce what was this game is all about.  

Divinity Original Sin 2  

Divinity Original Sin 2 is based on a world where everything is in a mess, with monster rampaging wherever there’s a ‘Source’ magic. And so, the story begins with our newly created character as one of the Sourcerer with a divine calling who born with the ability to wield powerful magic.   

And then of course you have the villain Magisters who will stop you from ruining the world. The missions will start off as an escape from the prison which then will evolve slowly into a quest involving gods competing for survival and evil poised to swallow up the world.  

This game full with riddles, moral conundrums and mysteries. Their turn-based battle system full with unexpected turns with a plethora of ways to defeat enemies. While fighting with sharks as one of the enemies in the game, I use teleportation and transfer the shark from water to land. It makes instant kill!  Super effective.  

Another great thing about Divinity 2 is all the character are based on a classless system that give you full flexibility to create an array of heroes. The battlefield can be intimidating sometimes but you could always lower the difficulties while playing at any point of the game.    

This game proves to the world especially games developers a small company from Belgium could actually create a game with a superb context putting an example to others.  

Divinity 2 Coming to Nintendo Switch  

The Switch port of Divinity Original Sin 2 officially released on September 2019. Although it doesn’t work miracles, the game still considered as playable. This game runs in a lower resolution which results in the dropping of visual quality, characters are less detailed and the environments look blurry in certain spots both in the docked and handheld modes.   

However, the drop-in resolution comes in with the game’s smooth performance on Nintendo Switch. The frame rate is amazing, with only a few hitches especially during autosave and the heavy battle going on the screen. Load times are very speedy too. With my several days playing the games, I already counter two crashing issues especially during saving the game. Hopefully, they will patch things up in the near future updates.

Another advantage when playing Divinity 2 in Switch is the ability to cross-save between Switch to PC (works with Definitive Edition only). The process works seamlessly and easily too. Having the ability to play this game on the go is easily make this game an easy recommendation among RPG fans.   


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