The best Nintendo Switch shell to own

Nintendo Switch looks perfect. Who can deny this is the definition of ‘love at the first sight’?

But over a year, this looks make me thirst for a spark towards my relationship with my Switch. Nintendo officially releases the Switch version for Pokemon Let’s Go, Diablo 3, and many others which undeniably looks pretty awesome.

Honestly, I am too broke to afford a new console just for the aesthetic looks. I need a solution which is affordable without making my wallet go empty. Lucky for us, the best solution for this problem is to change the shell for our beloved Switch. With this, we can now change our Switch to be better looking and makes our love towards Switch grow even deeper.    

Let me show you my top 3 shell for Nintendo Switch so you can have a clear picture how badass Switch can turn into.

i) Pure White Shell  

I love white. It symbolizes the purity of my passion towards Switch.  

ii) Purple Transparent Shell  

Purple is one of my favorite color. I love the transparent touch and the blue color and hence this results from it. Other color you can have is red, green, blue and gray.  

iii) Full Transparent Shell  

This is my absolute all–time favorite Switch shell. Feast your eyes with this gorgeous shell.  

Just browsing through these pictures enough to make me drooling. And what’s more is each shell will cost not more than $40 USD for complete transformation.  

This is based on my true story;  

“After changing my Switch for the Full Transparent Shell, I am extremely happy with the result. What makes me even proud is every single time I take out my Switch out in the public; be it in the train, in the airplane, or out in the park, the stare I get from others is overwhelming. You can see that they really want it too and feel envy with my Switch. I get questions from strangers asking me where did I get this shell as it looks pretty badass.”  

Faridzudin Razali

How to Change Switch Shell  

Convince enough to change your Switch shell? Changing the shell is not too technical or very complicated things to do. It is an easy process once you have a correct guide and proper video to teach you all the necessary steps to change it. I highly recommend you to change the console first before moving on to change the Joy-Con shell as I found out that the Joy-Con can be a little complicated and need you to properly handle it. Changing the console first will give you some sort of exposure and confident boost before moving on to slightly difficult task. Overall, the whole process took less than an hour for the first time I try to change the Switch shell all by myself.  

i) Changing the Console  

  • Make sure to turned off your Switch completely. Remove microSD, and both Joy-Cons are fully detached.    
  • Start by removing the four screws in every corner on the back of the Switch.    
  • Then, remove one screw on each side of the Switch (where Joy-Cons are usually attached).  
  • Remove one screw on the top of the Switch, and two on the bottom which located at the charging outlet.    
  • Last screw to be removed located underneath the kickstand above the microSD port.  
  • You will be able to remove the shell and flip it over. There are three more screw above the kickstand, and one that holds the game slot. Remove all these screws and the pieces they were holding in.  
  • Replace the plastic pieces from one shell to the new shell and start screwing them in.    
  • Place the new shell on the back of the Switch and screw it down in the reverse order.  
  • Ensure the screws are tight and you not missing any screws.  
  • Try to turn your Switch to make sure everything is in order.  

ii) Changing the Joy-Con    

  • Start by removing three screws on the outside of the Joy-Con.  
  • Open the back and then individually unscrewing and removing each piece inside before putting it into the new shell.  
  • To make sure everything is in correct order, I highly recommend that you take a photo each time you open your Joy-Con.    
  • Another thing to take note is to use extra caution when removing the ZL/ZR buttons as they have tiny springs attached to them.  

I hope this guide will help you to change your shell successfully. Please comment below your experience in changing the Switch shell and how do you feel about it. And in case you are wondering, I purchase all my shells from Amazon.    

P/S: Pssst, your friends definitely going to get jealous with your Switch after this. 


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