PlayStation Virtual Reality (VR) Review

Thinking of purchasing PlayStation VR (PSVR) to be added to your collection? PSVR manage to sell 5+ million units worldwide, and it is one of the successful Virtual Reality (VR) headset on the market.   

Although it does not offer a PC’s power, the PSVR runs some polished and visually stunning games. The price, growing library of games made it an easy recommendation, especially to PlayStation 4 (PS4) / PlayStation 5 (PS5) owner.   

What is PlayStation Virtual Reality (VR)   

The essential part of VR is the headset, a thick goggles device that goes over the eyes. The higher end of the headset needs to be connected to a computer or console to operate. Some oven operates independently, and the simpler version used your phone and clipped to the front of the headset.   

According to Oxfords Dictionary, Virtual Reality means;  

“The computer-generated simulation of a three-dimensional image or environment that can be interacted with in a seemingly real or physical way by a person using special electronic equipment, such as a helmet with a screen inside or gloves fitted with sensors.”  

Oxfords Dictionary

VR technology can create an immersive experience to educate or entertain users. Besides being used in gaming, VR is already in various industries such as medicine, architecture, the military, and others.  

PSVR Competitor?  

There are a lot of modern VR headsets on the market nowadays. And most of them are fitted under one of two categories; tethered or standalone. Tethered headsets are like PSVR, which connects to the PlayStation 4 console. The cables make them a bit unwieldy and restrict your movement.    

Standalone headsets offer the greatest physical freedom by completely removing the cables and not requiring the external device to handle the processing. An example of such a device belongs to Oculus Quest 2.   

Oculus Quest headset easily trumps PSVR in terms of accessibility and immersion. Although you cannot play lots of games, PSVR offers, but Oculus Quest offers playing games without wires and full 360 degrees of tracking with much more compelling end – result.  

The other thing that made PSVR less desirable is the fact that PS5 is already out. Yes, PS5 supports the PSVR, but more importantly, we don’t know when PSVR will replace with PSVR 2.  

Sony is already working on PSVR 2, and it will be released soon enough. PSVR 2 will likely bring a significant improvement over PSVR, from tracking technology to screen resolution. It will mark a five-year gap between the headset, and that’s gap will surely bring a lot of differences.   

Games for PSVR  

There is a lot of great game offers from PSVR. All this list is among the best PSVR games to get to start your adventures with this headset.    

i) Resident Evil 7  

Resident Evil 7 was one of the most gripping experiences you can have with a PSVR headset. Although there are some downsides from the standard version – the visuals aren’t crisp, and some parts of the game are not for 3D display. But, the horror of feeling while exploring this horrible place is worth the tradeoff.  

ii) Falcon Age  

This game is about fighting oppression with your wits, tools with your bird friend. This game work both in and out of VR. But for the best experience, it is best played with your headset on.   

In Falcon Age, you will spend your time traveling from your home village to various sites that have been occupied by robot colonizers. Your bird friend can distract enemies, allowing you to follow up with a finishing blow.  

Then, your falcon will retrieve distant goodies so you can cook them to improve stats.   

iii) Firewall Zero Hour  

This one is an example of the best PSVR games with an online multiplayer. You could play this game either using DualShock 4 or using PSVR Aim Controller. Either way, you’ll enjoy the tense, tactical matches that encourage communication and team play.   

iv) Beat Saber  

Beat Saber controls the red saber with your left hand, and your right hand will hold the blue saber. The beat of the song dictates when cubes of each color appear and which direction to cut them.   

v) Astro Bot Rescue Mission   

Astro Bot Rescue Mission is one of the best games to own if you have PSVR. It’s easy to compare this game to Super Mario 3D World, a series of courses that you can explore for secrets while guiding you down one set direction toward the finish line.   

But with a PSVR headset and your controller, you are now inside the world. You will spin your head to look for hidden bot buddies to rescue and use your controller to send out zip lines or shoot shuriken to clear a path ahead.   


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