PlayStation 5 Must-Own Accessories

Yay! Our long-awaited console finally arrives. And it’s PlayStation 5 (PS5). The pre-orders unit of PS5 sold out just as they became available and each additional unit disappears as soon as Sony release it.   

As for the PS5, it goes on sale on 12 November 2020 with a retail price of $399 (digital version), and $499 (Ultra HD Blu-Ray Disc Drive). If you are looking for one, retailers such as Amazon will release PS5 units periodically (Click here). So, check it regularly!  

If you are planning to buy one or already own a PS5, accessories are the thing you must consider next to purchase. Not only it will enhance your gaming experience, but it also will transform your powerful console to the next level.  

The list of the best PS5 accessories runs between casing, cameras, and media remote. Since PS5 is still new, there aren’t many PS5 accessories available on the market. However, all these lists will make your PlayStation a complete and media experience.   

DualSense Controller

Two is much better than one. In this case, if you planning to play with your friends, family, or your significant one, another DualSense Controller is a must.   

This is due buying a PS5 console will only include one controller in it and you will need to purchase another one if you plan to play multiplayer. This original DualSense Controller equips with all its features; haptic feedback, adaptive triggers, and a built-in microphone, and a headset jack.   

Get this at Amazon for only $69.90

Media Remote

Don’t be surprised as this time, Sony introduces a media remote for PS5. The PS5 can be used to stream movies and videos and if you buy the Ultra HD Blu-Ray Drive, you can watch Blu – Ray discs in it. And for streaming apps, PS5 will include Apple TV Plus, Crunchyroll, Netflix, and Hulu at launch. So, if you aim to watch movies and shows using PS5, a media remote is one of the essential things to buy.  

This remote comes with built-in play and pause, fast forward, and reverse buttons. It also comes with dedicated streaming service buttons for Netflix, Spotify, Disney+, and YouTube. The size is relatively small and matches the console perfectly.

Get this at Amazon for only $64.88

HD Camera

This one accessory is dedicated to those who are planning to stream on Twitch or YouTube directly from PS5. This camera comes with a built-in stand and can be attached to the top of the TV.   

The design makes it look just like PS5 which is very cool and funky. It comes with special background removal tools to ensure you can cut out surround you when you stream. Besides, you also have the option to broadcast picture – in – picture with your game or to crop out or replace your entire background. All of these options are the best camera prospective streamers can add to their collection.  

Get this at Amazon for only $59.96

DualSense Charging Station

This DualSense Charging Station can charge up to two controllers at the same time without having to connect them to the PS5 console. This will help you to free up USB ports from the PS5 while holding your controllers securely in one place.   

Although the DualSense Controller’s battery can last long as it is, it’s always nice to charge up another one to have for backup.

Get this at Amazon for only $74.51

Pulse 3D Wireless Headset  

This headset is an evolution from Sony Platinum Wireless headphones and possibly one of the best ways to fully utilize the new technology and audio features that PS5 has to offer.   

Pulse 3D Wireless Headset comes with dual noise-canceling microphones, making clear communication during multiplayer sessions possible. What makes this headset to be even special is because it shares a similar aesthetic. This model doesn’t cost you a lot, so you will get saving on that.

Get this at Amazon for only $228.00 

Clear Protective Case for DualSense Controller  

Since you already spent a fortune on your DualSense Controller, why not giving it all the care that it deserves. This case will give full protection to your controller against everyday drops, shocks, bumps, scratch, dust, and fingerprint.   

Get this at Amazon for only $12.99

Cooling Fan for PlayStation 5 

Playing PS5 extensively will make your console to overheat. Although it will not harm your PS5 it could be detrimental to your PS5 in the long run. This cooling fan is the best answer for you to extend the life of PS5.   

This cooling fan has 3 high-speed fans which will cool down the console fast. The installation is also really easy to do; just clip onto the back of the console and switch it on or off as you like.

Get this at Amazon for only $19.98


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