Top 5 Games for Nintendo Switch Released in 2018

The year 2018 has left us with tons of good memories of good games released on Nintendo Switch. I would say 2018 is a good year for Switch. The library is expanding, more good games are coming and more people putting trust in Nintendo to give more good content to its library.

In 2018, we witness more people jumping to be on board the Nintendo Switch big families. It is reported that in 2018 alone the sales of Nintendo Switch have increased with almost 20 million units sold. Plus, there are also rumors coming up that 2019, we will witness another birth of a new console; Switch Pro to be released late 2019. Although some people argue it is still too early to release a new console for Switch but I digest this as good news because that means Nintendo is doing well and Switch will expand soon. 

Along the year 2018, we have experienced a lot of great games being released and to compile of these games and come up with only 5 games is quite a challenge. In this post, I will list all my top 5 Nintendo Switch games released in 2018.  

i) Octopath Traveler 

Released date: July 2018 

Octopath Traveler develops by Square Enix really turn up to be amazing and in fact might be the best JPRG games for this year. At first, when the game in the development stage, my first impression to this is like “Eh, this is another Final Fantasy ripoff.” But, when it is being released and played it, I can confidently say, “Oh boy! How wrong I am.” 

The soundtrack, the storyline, the characters, the graphics, and the battle system gives Octopath Traveler a new and fresh experience to gamers. This game is well made and there are no other games like this and that is why this game will be among the best games released in 2018.

ii) Diablo 3 

Released date: November 2018 

This is the first time Blizzard collaborating with Nintendo and guess what; Diablo 3 finally get released on Switch. Diablo 3 is already a successful and well-known game released in May 2012 for PC platform but with the released of this anticipated game to Switch, we can now slay demons on the go. It gathers new and veteran Diablo 3 player to come back and play this worthy game again. I really hope that this collaboration will continue to happen and maybe Overwatch or Hearthstone from Blizzard might make its appearance to Switch. *finger cross*

iii) Pokemon Let’s Go Pikachu/Eevee 

Released date: November 2018 

The mix between traditional Pokemon games and Pokemon Go makes this game one of a kind. Pokemon Let’s Go is a core game, but it is not a mainline game as it is a remake from Pokemon Yellow. Get it, folks? Whatever it is, Pokemon Let’s Go deserve to be in the list. The hype of this game triggered all Pokemon fans around the world to purchase it and dive into the new experience of the Pokemon world which they never felt before. 

iv) Warframe 

Released date: November 2018 

Panic Button work on Warframe’s Nintendo Switch port made a clear and vivid statement to others that their technical wizardry is the best. This game charge you nothing to enjoy their full content of its immersive open world games. 

Delve into its own world by fighting the alien, collecting resources and leveling up together with your own pet in an alien spaceship. This game is quite complicated for a newcomer at first since there is so much to look at and to learn at the beginning. Wait for a while and you will surely get the hang of the games. And when you do, you will absolutely love this game, 100% guaranteed.   

v) Super Smash Bros Ultimate 

Released date: December 2018 

Super Smash Bros Ultimate is among the most awaited game to be welcome with a wide-open arm to Nintendo Switch. Nintendo even makes a special Nintendo Direct exclusively for Super Smash Bros Ultimate to give us the full details about what is this game is all about.

The Super Smash Bros series has come a long way since the first release on the Nintendo 64 back in 1999. It first starts with a party game and now evolved to be a fighting game but nonetheless, this game proves to be a success every time the new series is released.  


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