How to Make Money in GTA 5 Online: From Zero to Hero Guide

Starting GTA 5 Online will be too overwhelming especially to a new player and sometimes even to returning players. With all the options, missions, and its vast world, you will often be wondering what to do first to be a millionaire in GTA 5 Online.  

This guide is made to be your ultimate guide on how to be a multimillionaire in GTA 5 Online with the best and fastest possible way. In short, below are your main missions throughout your times in GTA 5 Online;  

  • Be a CEO  
  • Buy Vehicle Warehouse  
  • Own a Bunker  
  • Be A Motorcycle Club (MC) President  
  • Buy the Nightclub  

Lucky Wheel in Casino  

My very first recommendation when you first step into the world is to first head out to the Casino and play the Lucky Wheel at the Casino. You can play the Lucky Wheel for free once per day. By playing this, you could earn some sweet and helpful rewards that could help you to advance in GTA 5 Online.   

After that, roam around aimlessly just to make sure you familiarize yourself with the map. Doing this will make it easy for you to navigate around, completing missions, and getting better at this game.  

Be a CEO  

Your next step in GTA 5 Online journey is to be a CEO. To do so, you need to buy an office which is the Maze Bank West for $1 Million. Yes, I know, $1 million seems a lot especially for a beginner but believe me, it’s really not that hard to get there.  

Before you grind missions to get $1 Million, always remember VIP missions are the best way to do so. All you need to do is to make sure you have $50,000 in your character account to register as VIP and do its missions. To get $50,000 just complete several missions in the job menu. I highly recommend you to pick dispatch missions or choose any weekly missions that will give you double the money as the reward.  

After that, register as VIP and always alternate between these two missions; headhunter and sightseer because these missions have pretty high payout and are considered as the easiest and fastest way for you to hit the $1 Million mark. Basically, the headhunter will set you to kill four different targets while sightseer sends you around the map and collect three packages in three different locations.

A few hints before starting these two missions is to first grab some ammunition and pick some guns. A good starting gun is the micro SMG (can be used to shoot while driving) and an assault rifle. Secondly, another easy way to complete sightseer is to go to the airport or landing pad and grab a helicopter or plane to shorten your travel times.  

If doing treasure hunt is your thing, consider doing this too as the reward is $250,000 and can only be done one time. To start this mission, you will need to get an email in the game with the picture of the location of the clue. The location is random and there are at least 20 possible locations to go. Here is the link for all the locations to make things easy for you to do it.   

After that, you will need to find another three more clues and open the treasure chest mark on the map. Then you will need to get 50 headshots using a revolver. Completing all this and you will be rewarded $250,000.  

At any point in the game where you are tired grinding solo or you have friends playing GTA 5 Online, you could consider buying a high-end apartment to enable missions call heists. The best apartment to buy is the Alta Street Apartment because of its price and strategic location.

Upon completing all heists in order, it will grant you a total of $2.5 Million. Doing heists is a fun and effective way to earn money. But please remember doing heists with random people will sometimes boil your blood to the max.  

Buy Vehicle Warehouse  

After completing enough missions and reach $1 Million, you’re going ahead and buy the Maze Bank West Office. Skipping all the cosmetics options and now your grind will get even real. Your next mission is to buy a vehicle warehouse which allows you to import and export vehicle which generates even more money.  

However, the cheapest vehicle warehouse is priced at $1.5 Million which is the La Mesa Vehicle Warehouse. The CEO office alone doesn’t actually generate any money by itself. It’s just a requirement before you could actually own a vehicle warehouse. But one of the benefits of being a CEO is the fact you could be a CEO instead of VIP. You will by now notice you could only be VIP for four hours but with CEO, you are CEO forever.   

This is an advantage you could take to grind these two missions, sightseer and headhunter until you could afford vehicle warehouse. Owning a vehicle warehouse will allow you to do other CEO missions and at the same time give you some serious cash.  

To start missions when owning a vehicle warehouse is to first source the vehicle to your vehicle warehouse. Go to your CEO office, open your computer, and select to source vehicle. This will put you on a mission to steal a car and take it back to your vehicle warehouse. Once it’s there, you can upgrade, customize, and sell it to the bidder. There are three types of cars;  

  • Standard Range ($30,000)  
  • Mid – Range ($50,000)  
  • High – Range ($80,000)  

Each time you try to source a vehicle, a type of car will be given out randomly but there is actually a trick to source a high – range car only. What you are going to do is to continue sourcing cars until you have 10 standard cars and 10 mid-range cars in your vehicle warehouse. When you have these arrangements in your warehouse, the game will only source you high – range cars only.   

As a general rule of thumb, always export high – range cars and earn tons of money. One more thing is when exporting your high – range car, always sell them to the specialist dealer for the most amount of money.   

Own a Bunker  

Repeat doing CEO missions and exporting high – range cars until you could afford to buy a bunker.   

Owning a bunker is one of the easiest and most passive business in the game. The bunker that you will be going to buy is either Chumash Bunker ($1.65 Million) or Farmhouse Bunker ($2.37 Million) since it is located near to the city. You might be tempted to buy Paleto Forest Bunker since it is cheaper but please avoid doing so. Once, I made this mistake, and hopefully, you will not make the mistake as I do. I do agree it’s cheap but there’s a reason for that. They are actually so far away that you will spend most of the time driving than making any money hence it’s really not worth it.  

What I mean bunker is a passive income is that it will earn money in the background while you complete other activities. This only means it will double the amount of your income. To start operating a bunker you need to understand it first. There are three bars at the bottom of your screen namely stock, research, and supply. Essentially, supply is used up by staff to fill up either stock or research bars. Since we are here to make money, go to the computer in the bunker and assign all of the staff to manufacture only.  

A full bunker stock bar will sell for over $1 Million. But it can only be achieved with three other friends and impossible to be done on your own. This is due to the fact the stock will be split across four vehicles with a time limit. So, we need to make sure we only have to deliver with one vehicle to sell the products. That means we need to make sure the stock bar will not go above the ¼ of the whole bar. Anything above that it will spawn another selling vehicle.   

The supplied bar will constantly be decreasing and you need to resupply your bunker in about every 2 hours. And for the best efficiency, it is best to buy supply instead of stealing it. Since you will be at your bunker every 2 hours to resupply, I will always recommend for you to selling your stock while you are there as well. As always sell your stock to the location that will make you the most money.  

What I mean owning the bunker is a passive business is that while you letting your bunker fill up, you can continue to other activities like exporting vehicles, doing CEO missions, or completing heists which gives you new freedom while playing the game. Doing the bunker business alone is not going to make you rich instantly. But doing all of the activities together at the same time will somehow generate you some serious cash.  

Be A Motorcycle Club (MC) Presidents  

Becoming a Motorcycle Presidents will allow you to own another business which is to sell cocaine, counterfeit cash, and more. MC Club will cost you another $200,000 and Cocaine Lockup will cost $975,000.   

When you grind enough money which to $1.175 Million, proceed to buy MC Clubhouse. After that, go to your computer in MC Clubhouse to buy the cocaine lockup located at the Alamo Sea. Just like the bunker, cocaine lockup is a passive business. But for cocaine lockup, you need to resupply more often and to buy an upgrade to make it more effective. So, when you have the money for it, go to the upgrade tab and buy staff upgrade ($390,000) and equipment upgrade ($935,000).  

All your business like the bunker, cocaine lockup, or counterfeit cash will have an option to upgrade its security. This is because your business will sometimes get raided by the police. But it will happen rarely and certainly can’t justify the purchase of the security upgrade. However, if you want to decrease the regularity of your business to get raid, just buy the security upgrade for your businesses.   

You will want to resupply your cocaine lockup for every 2 hours. The same method apply to this business like your bunker which is to never let the stock bar go beyond ¼ of the way. You will now repeat the process and save up for the counterfeit cash factory and meth lab. Along the way, you will need to upgrade those businesses as well as your bunker.   

Buy the Nightclub  

After completing all this, you are now ready to be a multimillionaire. And to complete your journey, the last business you want to buy is the nightclub ($1.7 Million). The nightclub will give access to an underground warehouse that allows you to use your existing businesses to make even more money.  

When you buy a nightclub, you will see a popularity bar at the bottom of your screen. And that is because the nightclub makes money in two ways. The first way is through the nightclub itself and people pay entries to get into the nightclub which will increase when the popularity is full. Secondly is through the underground warehouse.   

In my opinion, earning money through club popularity is not worth it because your other businesses already generate enough money. So just go over to your computer in the nightclub and go to the warehouse management tab. You will have the option to buy a total of five technicians. The more technician you have, the more money you will make. Each technician needs to be applied to a certain product of your business. Once you have assigned all five technicians, I will recommend you to buy the equipment upgrade.  

The best thing about owning the nightclub is that you will never have to restock this business. All you need to do is just to sell which makes it the most passive business and easiest to run.  

And voila, you are now a certified multimillionaire in GTA 5 Online. I know it’s a lot to take at one time. But if you take it to step by step it will all begin to make sense. It will take a long time (no doubt), but once you complete all this, you will be able to buy whatever you want in the game. 


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