Hades for Switch Review

In the game of Hades, you will be a defiant son. You will be playing as Zagreus, a handsome, half-clothed prince. Your mission will sound easy enough; to escape the Underworld. Zagreus’s father’s is Hades itself, brother to Zeus and Poseidon.   

Armed with the power of the Olympian gods, Zagreus must fight with his choice of equipment through tons of gods and monsters and ultimately escape from his father’s grasp. While playing, you will die a lot and players will send straight back to the House of Hades to try again.   

Combat in Hades

Combat in Hades is simple enough. You will have a basic attack, a special move, a dash, and a ranged attack called a Cast that fires a ranged bard to enemies for a brief time. You will choice of up to six weapons but you can only choose one weapon for each run.   

This roguelike experience is a clever conceit making death essential to the experience. This experience will be your best teacher to help you refine your judgment and strategies for defeating enemies.   

But death in Hades does not means you have to start fresh from zero. When battling through the world, you will be collecting resources like Charon’s Obol, Darkness, and Chthonic Keys. These resources can be used to have a permanent upgrade or unlock new weapons.  

Each run is different. It’s a randomly generated room and you will get different powerups and rewards to be used along the way. Different gods like Athena, Zeus, and, Ares will offer different abilities such as thunder boons to deflect or increase attack speed to ease your journey.   

Kudos to SuperGiant Games

The creator of this game, Supergiant Games is known to produce this kind of cheeky and beautiful masterpiece. They have such a flawless track record. Years ago, this indie studio has released consistently good isometric games like Bastion, Pyre, and Transistor.  

Hades has been sitting on Steam for two years as an Early Access. And after all the hard work, it came to Switch full with its clever storytelling, catchy soundtracks, and brilliant narration.   

Worthy Games

With this game’s smooth combat, deep loot systems, and storyline, Hades has it all for you to boot it up and go for another run. In a simpler word, Hades is a triple threat. It’s created a calming sensation while playing that no other similar games can give.   

Dying is not a frustrating experience and will not make you smash your console. Failure is just another step for you to be better and it’s not an exaggeration to say Hades will be one of my favorite games in the year 2020.  


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