Fortnite Season 10: The best season ever?

Do you know what happens on the 1st August 2019?   

It is the day Fortnite Season 10 finally gets released. The update is just upon us and without wasting time, let us take a look at what this update brings to the table.    

i) The B.R.U.T.E  

One of boldest action made by Epic Games is to put this two-person mech vehicle into the updates of Fortnite Season 10. This mech really tearing players to shreds and it gets a mixed review from the players. Some want it to be nerfed, some want it to be removed entirely from the season and some even loved it.   

B.R.U.T.E is capable to launch a missile up to 10 missiles at once or to shoot with a shotgun with 10 round clips dealing 50 damage each and these weapons able to rip apart buildings too. Or if you happen to be in a tight situation, you will be able to self-destruct too. This mech vehicle is operated by two persons; one player controls the movement which includes a huge jump, dash move, and a stomp while the other player controls the weapons.  

ii) Rift Zones  

The Fortnite Season 10 presents a new map to us as well as brings back the old map back into the game which one of the most notable is the Dusty Depot. There are also some low gravity areas and no-build zones in the map and we will experience more zones changes as the season progresses.   

iii) Vaults  

Say goodbye to these things for this season. Some of them that go to the vaults are;  

  • The baller  
  • Quad crasher  
  • Flint Knock Pistol  
  • Shadow Bomb  
  • Semi-Auto Sniper  
  • Tactical Assault Rifle  
  • Mounted Turret  
  • Air Strike  
  • Glider Redeploy  

iv) Missions  

This time around, instead of the usual Fortnite Battle Pass Challenge, we now will be introduced with Fortnite Battle Pass Missions. It still acts as the same function as before, just this time around, the missions repackage into thematic objectives that reward battle pass points, cosmetic items, and XP.   

Now you know all the updates, buckle up and get ready to play Fortnite Season 10 to your heart’s content! 


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