Developing a vaccine and distributing it to the masses is crucial to curb the coronavirus pandemic. As more people are getting vaccinated against coronavirus, travelling is one of the activities expected to rise after suffering dramatic losses during the pandemic.   

Although the average number of daily cases in the world is still at a high number, there are signs that peoples are ready to travel again. Despite pleadings from various government entities to stay put and refrain from nonessential travel.  

Another way to have safe travel is to update all the guidelines with the latest information. One of the suggested systems is to have a vaccine passport. It is not only governments that are suggesting vaccine passports. Several airlines such as Etihad Airways and Emirates already plan to use digital travel pass.  

What is Vaccine Passport?  

Vaccine passport is not yesterday’s news. Having to prove you’ve been vaccinated before entering certain countries already been done before. And for decades, people traveling to certain countries need to prove they have been vaccinated against diseases. Example of such diseases is yellow fever, rubella and cholera. This practice uses what they called as “yellow card”; travelers card will be sign and stamp after vaccination complete.  

And so, vaccine passport for coronavirus pandemic is revolve around the same idea. It is some documentation to prove that you have been vaccinated against Covid – 19. Therefore, this piece of documentation will help us get involve in any activities such as going out to travel.   

“It’s about trying to digitize a process that happens now. And make it into something that allows for more harmony and ease. Hence, making it easier for people to travel between countries.”

Nick Careen, senior vice president for airport, passenger, cargo and security at I.A.T.A.

What is the Benefit of Vaccine Passport?  

Vaccination is our only salvation to help us to return to normal life. The travel ban has hurt millions of jobs and occurred significant losses to every country in the whole world.  

It is believed in the United States alone; the U.S Travel Association estimates $262 billion in export spending will be lost by the end of 2021 if travel bans continue to happen. However, with the help of vaccine passports, it could help feel safe while travelling and perhaps recovering back all affected industries.  

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