Genshin Impact Available on Switch?

Genshin Impact is a game that takes its name from looking a lot like The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild. The developer of the game, Mihoyo stir many mixed reviews among gamers who either support or ban the game entirely.    Nevertheless, the game

Monster Hunter World Mods

After playing the same Monster Hunter World for so long, you will quickly find a way to spice up your hunting experience a little bit more. And there is no other better way to achieve that by installing the best mods. Mods

The Amazing PlayStation 5 Controller

Sony had a long history of development with its console and its controller. The history of the controller has changed so much, and usually, the switch is for good. The changes towards the controller become less obvious since the introduction of dual

Best Nintendo Switch Games for Kids

Suggesting Nintendo Switch games for a kid is easy. While other video games continue their trend towards mature games, Nintendo remains committed to the idea that kids should enjoy gaming.    However, we are not implementing the idea that Nintendo Switch is only

PlayStation Virtual Reality (VR) Review

Thinking of purchasing PlayStation VR (PSVR) to be added to your collection? PSVR manage to sell 5+ million units worldwide, and it is one of the successful Virtual Reality (VR) headset on the market.    Although it does not offer a PC’s power,