Best Nintendo Switch Games for Kids

Suggesting Nintendo Switch games for a kid is easy. While other video games continue their trend towards mature games, Nintendo remains committed to the idea that kids should enjoy gaming.   

However, we are not implementing the idea that Nintendo Switch is only suitable for kids. No. Honestly, Nintendo’s concept to keep its library relevant for all ages is what makes Nintendo stay afloat until now.   

The newest console by Nintendo is Nintendo Switch, which will bring unlimited fun for the whole family. Although Nintendo Switch has seen more Mature – Rated games, there are still tons of Everyone–rated games that your kids or even the entire family could enjoy.   

Animal Crossing: New Horizons  

These life simulation games have taken the world by storm. It is suitable to be played for all ages. It is an island getaway where you can plant flowers, collect fruits, catch bugs, go fishing, interact with your neighbors, and customize the whole island as you see fit.   

Apart from that, this game has no mission to achieve and no daily task you need to do. Instead, this game lets you be in total control and encourage players to relax and play at their own pace.   

Although the game might be a little too chatty to hold some young attention span and reading levels, then again, the beauty of the game with all the animals (your neighbors) running around the island will ultimately make your kids fall in love with the game.   

Luigi Mansion 3  

Catching ghosts has never been so fun with Luigi Mansion 3. Luigi Mansion 3 turns the green plumbers to join on another haunted adventure, as he must rescue Mario from a hotel full of ghosts.   

As you explore the hotel, you have to use Luigi’s Poltergust G-00 to suck ghosts, knock them and other objects around. One of the things that make this game great for kids is the introduction of Google, the slimy doppelganger who can help Luigi on his quest.   

While playing solo, you can control both Luigi and Gooigi by switching between them. Or else, you can also play together and let them handle Gooigi for you. Google’s invincibility will make him perfect for younger kids to fully enjoy the games without worrying about anything else.     

Mario Kart 8 Deluxe  

Racing games are easily the best games that attract kids. There is no storyline or dialogue to follow, so you won’t have to worry about your kids not following the game.   

Mario Kart 8 Deluxe is the most enjoyable racing game available on the Nintendo Switch system. According to the sales numbers of this game, everyone who owns a Switch already picked up Mario Kart 8 Deluxe.   

The controls are easy to navigate. They also have this new auto-steering assist feature to help your kids to stay on track. Although some of the faster levels can be tricky, as your kids work their way up, they will indeed feel the sweet success of winning.   

Pokemon Sword and Shield  

Pokemon games are a game that hit the parents hard in their childhood gaming. What’s more, it is essential to pass this legacy by introducing Pokemon Sword and Shield to the kids. Teaching this game will make them familiar with the concept of the game. And later on, to continue living in the dreams of ‘gotta catch them all’!  

With Pokemon Sword and Shield, the graphics are finally catching up. The game takes place in a new region of Galar. Many new features are also added to the game as trainers embark on their journeys through fighting, catching, and their beloved pokemon.   

Super Smash Bros. Ultimate  

Yes, it’s a fighting game. And there is a lot of heated arguments between us whether this game belongs to the best kid’s game? As a matter of fact, yes, it is. If you ever worried about video game violence, this game has absolutely no gore, no blood, and the graphic is so cartoony that children will be able to separate the game from reality.   

All the character in the game borrows characters from all over Nintendo’s video game library. There are multiple ways to enjoy the game; team battles, story modes, and challenges throughout the game.   


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