Best PlayStation 4 (PS4) Games for Kids

PlayStation is intended to be made to be suitable for all walks of life. Not only teens or adults could enjoy it but even kids could play it but only if the games suitable for them.   

Nowadays, games for PS4 have their rating system that is easily distinguishable with their ESRB rating system;  

EC (Early Childhood). Have content that is suitable for people ages 3 and older.  

E (Everyone). This means that the content is safe for a person ages 6 and older.  

E10+ (Everyone 10 and older) which have content that is suitable for people ages 10 and older.  

T (Teen) which have content that suitable for persons ages 13 and older.  

M (Mature) which have content that suitable for persons 17 years and older. 

AO (Adults Only). This rating is rare and PlayStation does not publish games that are rated as AO.  

With so many games out there, parents especially have the main responsibility to monitor their PS4 while their kids using them. Luckily PS4 have their built-in Parental Control/Family Management in the Settings. This is to ensure parents can control what their kids could play once they turning on the PS4.  

With that being said, we will now explore all the best PlayStation 4 games to own which are suitable for your kids.

Ratchet and Clank  

Ratchet and Clank on PS4 is a charming, creative, and most rewarding games on the platform. This game is also easily the best – looking platformer on the PS4. The game is pack with content while providing enough blasting, puzzling, and action. The challenge especially is enough to offer it to your kids.   

The story of the game starts when Lombax mechanic and Galactic Ranger wannabe, Ratchet meets his buddy, Clank for the first time. Along the journey, you will also get to know Mr. Zurkon, the floating robot helper with very twisted behavior which will be very useful to you.  

The missions and travel menu systems are simple. Throughout the game, the story will continually point you in a new direction, making it easy for your kids to play. After each planet is discovered and unlocked, they are added to the galactic map list so your kids can choose to revisit previous levels.  

The game will also introduce you to the upgrade system. All weapons when you use them rewards you with a specific playstyle in a meaningful way. For example, each gun has a modifier grid that gives you active aids like increased width for a flamethrower or a passive one like a higher chance of item drops.  

Ratchet and Clank provide a steep rewarding weapon system, a beautiful world, and a charming story. This adventure will make your kids fell in love with this game.

Little Big Planet 3  

Little Big Planet games are always been focusing on building. It was possible with tools available for level and game creation. For this time around in Little Big Planet 3, developers took attention to outfitting players with additional abilities that you can use in-game to interact with those level and game world-building blocks.  

For these changes, you will now have a pocket for your creator. This will let you carry an inventory, which some of them include boots for jump higher, a helmet for zip lining, and an air blaster to manipulate objects. All of these items allow you to navigate the environment based on their situation.  

When starting the game, it will introduce our burlap buddy to be whisk away to the realm of Bunkum by a light bulb named Newton. The antagonist of the game is the kind of misunderstood maniac that wants to populate all forms of kid’s fiction. Later in the game, Sackboy will soon go to search for his fabric friends; Oddsock, Toggle, and Swoop.  

Two of the core items in Little Big Planet 3 is to have these major things in the game; story mode and creative mode. Story mode alone will provide your kids with tons of fun regardless of whether or not they are interested in the user-generated content of the game provide. The story mode is good because it rewards you with new outfits, gadgets, and characters to use.  

While in creative mode, it is all about bringing the users as co-creators to build the levels from all the tools the developers provide. It’s very fun and will surely develop creativity inside your kids. At first, creative modes are hard to master but thanks to its tutorial, it’s an easy thing to accomplish.  

Little Big Planet 3 packs with a fun story mode that can be enjoyed by your kids and even the whole family as it allows up to four players at the same time locally. The endearing characters, stories, and thrilling levels design, it’s a beauty to stand solid and a perfect library to add to your PlayStation library.

Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout  

With the rising of games of battle royale like Fortnite and Player Unknown’s Battlegrounds (PUBG), Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout has a new twist for the last player standing format; painting the game with hot pink and wearing a hot dog costume.  

The concept of Fall Guys is easy to understand when you first start up the game. When you start up the game, you will be familiar with it instantly especially if you watch TV shows like Wipeout or Takeshi’s Castle before. There is a total of 5 rounds of games you need to pass through the carnage before you will have a chance at taking the crown. Each game is considered as an episode and lasts around 5 to 15 minutes at most.  

The game is simple; running, jumping, or grabbing through obstacle courses and survive it. If you are eliminated, you have an option to watch the remaining battle or start over. After ending each match, you will get a varying amount of in-game currency based on your performance to purchase different skins and cosmetic for your character.  

Playing with 60 other players online will surely bring your kids enough laughter and it’s such an enjoyment to watch all the colorful havoc happening on the screen. There are currently 24 different stages in rotation and hopefully, more are being added in the next updates soon.  

If playing online, colorful obstacles, and a cheerful soundtrack are what you are after, Fall Guys Ultimate Knockout is the brilliant choice for your kids.

Dragon Quest Builders 2

Dragon Quest Builder 2 is a game, unlike others. Although it’s a sequel from its predecessor, playing the game for the first time is perfectly fine as you will not miss anything. However, if your kids loved the first Dragon Quest Builders, then without a doubt they will love this one too.  

From the start, the game does a fantastic job to ease your role as the new world’s most creative hero. You will set to do a task and venture into the world to stockpile materials and get building. Obviously, at first, you will start small; building an outdoor toilet, planting forests, and seeding a farm. Later on, you will realize you will obsessively turn your little town into a bustling kingdom.  

The RPG story of this game is also full of plot twists and peril. But all of it give you enough direction to play through it. Your time in the game will be split into two halves. One is spending time at Isle of Awakening where you can do what your creativity tells you what to do. And the other time is spending on the second major island where you motivate miners into working.

Dragon Quest Builders 2 also incorporated the combat system in it. Although the combat is simple since clearly fighting monsters is not the focus of the game, but it’s nice to have some sort of meaningful achievement defeating monsters and boss fights along the journey.   

Dragon Quest Builders 2 is surely the best compared to its predecessor. They have better characters and a better flow throughout the game. Making or building something is also now easy and it will look good even if you’re don’t feeling particularly creative. And with that, does this game fits for your kids? The answer will be yes.


One of the games that will go down in the history is Minecraft. This block building sandbox has rapidly transformed into a cultural phenomenon in the world. Minecraft release for PlayStation 4 is a must-have collection for you to have and it is a game that you and your kids could enjoy.  

Starting the game, you will be drop into a randomly generated world. At first, you only have a map, to begin with. After that, all you need to do is to explore your surroundings and survive. Apart from surviving, the other of the game is to create which is the heart of Minecraft.  

From a small house or a grand castle, all of it is possible with your imagination and creativity. The graphic is fairly simple as all of your surroundings appear in blocks but this peculiar design will help you to identify different materials and objects that you want to use often.  

The combat system for this game is basic but some of the fights might get intense too. Killing monsters can be quite rewarding too. The real fight in the game is darkness as enemies only spawn in gloomy areas. Creeper especially will be your worst enemies especially when you spot them near your shelter as this monster will instantly attempt to blow up you and your precious creations.  

Minecraft: PlayStation 4 Edition is a better experience compared to the older release on the previous console. They improve visual, expansive worlds, and larger settings alone make it worth buying. There are also no frame rate drops, or weird glitches happening in the game. With all the possible things your kids could do in the game while expanding their creativity, Minecraft will surely provide tons of hours of fun.  


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