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A trip to Bangkok will never be the same. Every time you visit Bangkok, you will surely experience different thing between them. It’s a city full of culture, foods, and experiences. I’ve been to Bangkok before and wanted to tell you what I love about Bangkok.  

This is a no-brainer. Who doesn’t love food, right? And food in Thailand? Heaven. I love it! Food hunting in Bangkok is a must. I use Google search and apps like Foursquare to read the reviews from locals and foreigners on where to hunt for my next meal. If I’m not using them, I will use my instinct instead. The more crowd I see in that’s will be my next meal. Some food you must hunt when you visit Bangkok is; 

i) Pad Thai (Thai Style Friend Noodle)

ii) Gaeng Keow Wan Kai (Green Chicken Curry)

iii) Som Tam (Papaya Salad) 

iv) Tom Yum Goong

v) Khao Niao Mamuang (Mango Sticky Rice)

These foods, for example, are easy to hunt. Even kids can do it. Street food in Bangkok is available 24 hours. But the problem here is to search for the best. That is entirely up to your taste and creativity to hunt for them.  


Sawadikap (with my palms pressed together in a prayer-like manner) is how you say hello in Thailand. I feel so captivated on how cultural they are. Whenever I do the gesture of slightly bowing and my palms pressed together while saying ‘Sawadikap’, they will respond the same. I do this to my taxi driver, to a cashier when I finish shopping and some even stop eating and do the gesture and reply when I do this to them. That is how cultural they are with their tradition. I am truly impressed by this small gesture from them.  

If you a fan of architecture and buildings, here in Bangkok you can find tons of unique temples and museums for your liking.  


*cough* *cough* 

It is undeniable that Thailand is well—known for its sex industry. Yes, you heard it right. There are tons of brothels, massage parlor, go-go bars especially scattered around the city of Bangkok in the red district (Patpong area). Do not be surprised if you are being approached by someone offers you a list of girls (prostitute/service worker) you could hire with only as low as THB 1000. There are ladyboys (drag queen/transgender) & gay activities available to be hired if you are looking for that one too.  

Apart from its sex industry, Bangkok is also known for its nightlife. There are tons of clubs and bars that open until morning. You could search for any event they organize which might trigger your interest to pay them a visit. Be bold and courageous to explore Bangkok and have fun with your new experience.  

Places to Visit 

There are plenty of places you could visit in Bangkok. First, ask yourself what you wanted to experience for your visit to Bangkok. If you wish for something historical, you can visit Grand Palace, Wat Prakeaw & Wat Pho (Giant Reclining Buddha) and If you wanted to experience their floating market, just head to Damnoean Saduak, but be warned the place is located 2 hours away from the city at Bangkok. While if you are more into modern stuff you definitely can try its theme park, Dusit Zoo, and its unique puppet show. 

Grand Palace Bangkok
Wat Prakeaw
Wat Pho
Floating Market Bangkok

Shopping Haven 

It is a shopping spree. Although honestly, I’m the person who is not a fan of shopping. But I can tell you there are many places you could try to shop. For higher quality items, you could try a mall. Some of them are Platinum Fashion Mall, Central World, MBK Center and Siam Paragon. If you are looking for cheaper options but with less quality, you could try night market like Chatuchak Night Market, Khao San, Talad Roi Fai which open every night.  

What interesting is when you are out shopping in this night market place, your bargaining skill will be put into a test.  

My shopping experience buying from Chak Tu Chak Night Market is not great. I strike a deal to buy a knock-off Birkenstock sandals with only RM35 (USD 8/THB 275). The price they offered is RM45 and I bargain for RM10 off. I wore the sandals for the next day to the airport for my flight back to Kuala Lumpur. Just only a few steps from the hotel to the airport, the sandals snapped. Not even a day.   

That is quite frustrating. So, folks please be extra cautious when buying from the night market and do a simple inspection before you buy.

i) Chatuchak Night Market.

One of the popular night market among tourists and locals. This market only opens during the weekend. On a Friday evening, they will open but the crowd will be amazing after 9 pm as people will always avoid the heat and prefer to enjoy walking at night. The market here is vast and impossible for you to see all in one trip. One thing I like about Chatuchak Market is that you can find almost anything here. From clothes, shoes, artwork, merchandise—and everything in between.

Operating hours:
Weekend only (Saturday & Sunday)
On Friday will be operating from 1800 onward

Chatuchak Night Market

ii) Rod Fai Market

Rod Fai Market has two different locations you can go to. One is Rod Fai Srinakarin and the other one is Rod Fai Ratchada. For easy access by transportation, I would hand down to Rod Fai Ratchada as its near to Thai Cultural Center MRT while Rod Fai Srinakarin near to Seacon Square Shopping Mall where you need to take a taxi ride for around 30—40 minutes. However, for the night market size, Rod Fai Srinakarin wins big time.
One of the unique things about Rod Fai is you will definitely recognize it by the sight of its rainbow-colored tents. The shopping section here is also very organized. You will find one concentrated area selling food and the other area selling fashion items and other stuff.

Operating hours:
Thursday – Sunday (From 1800 to 2400)

Rod Fai Night Market

iii) Khao San Night Market

This is another famous night market at Khao San road. As this market opens daily, you will find a lot of tourists chilling in the pubs and bars. This area is also packed with hostels and budget hotels hence the crowd will be vivacious every night. Here you can do some quick shopping or just relaxing and drinking at a pub.

Khao San Night Market

There you go. From its food, unique culture, a never-ending nightlife, tons of places to visit and a shopping spree are all the top reason I love to visit Bangkok. It’s a city worth to visit and explore. So, grab your flight ticket and fly to Bangkok today.


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