Apex Legends Finally on Nintendo Switch

Rejoice to Nintendo Switch owners! Apex Legends has finally arrived on Nintendo Switch, and it is free to download. This new Switch conversion is truly one of the system’s most ambitious to date. However, it comes with a clear cut back to the game’s performance.   

Apex Legends is a squad-based battle royale. It encourages teamwork during the gameplay where you need to pick 16 available hero character. Each one of them possesses unique abilities to fulfil different roles in battle.   

If you are into games like PUBG or Fortnite, you will surely familiar with Apex Legends. Or if you are a newbie to the games like this genre, it’s nothing wrong to try it first. Although playing Apex Legends on Nintendo Switch will be the worst way to start playing this game than any other console or PC.  

Apex Legends is an online multiplayer game that hosts up to 60 players in a match, and the battle takes place on a large map. And it is still a wonder how this big scale of games could run on Nintendo Switch. Since the game is still fresh on Switch, crashing the game or disconnect from the server a couple of time during gameplay is considered a norm. Let us give the developer time to fix it. And I believe if we give enough time, this game will run even better on Nintendo Switch.  

The first thing you will notice when starting up the game compared to any other console or PC is the graphic. On Switch, Apex Legends resolution while docked will target to be at 720p while 576p in handheld. Switch port manage to reach these resolutions by compromising graphical details and draw distance. In Switch port, they also target to give 30 frames per second, but you can tell it sometimes will dip below that while playing the game.   

All these drawbacks in resolution and frame rate make the Switch port look less pretty. But the real turning point will occur while playing the game, and you can feel how it really put you on a disadvantage platform. This is the fast-paced battle that you’re against with someone playing on any other systems.   

Imagine you are the one having to face someone harder to see from farther away while your opponent can see you clearly. One way to have this unfair battle and facing losses is to disable cross-play. Although times to join battle will be longer, it is still better to have a fair fight.   

Playing Apex Legends on Switch is fun. Who can say no to the portability that Panic Button managed to bring to us? Everybody needs to experience playing Apex Legends on the toilet at least once in their life. If Nintendo Switch is the only way you have to play Apex Legends, you must know all the limited options you have. Or else, you will be much better playing the game with any other console or PC.   


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