Albion Online Review

Albion Online is free – to – play medieval fantasy MMORPG developed by Sandbox Interactive. This game officially released on 17th July 2017 and with us for almost 4 years already.   

Albion Online emphasize a world without a class system and economy driven by players. In short, Albion Online could be summarized with these key features;  

Albion Online Key Features  

  • Classless progression – No class system. Your equipment will determine your role and your skill. In the game’s own words, “You are what you wear.”  
  • Player Driven Economy – This game is all about gathering resources and crafting items. All items and buildings are crafted and sold by players only. Players can even own their own small islands to build their house and farms.  
  • Full Loot MMORPG – Death is crucial in Albion Online. If you are in the black or red zone, players can loot all your items upon death.  
  • True Cross-Platform Support – One massive server for Windows, Mac, Linux, iOS, and Android clients. You can continue playing on your PC or even your mobile phone.   

With that being said, how well and enjoy this game is with its current state? Let’s dive in and explore Albion Online.  

Starting the Adventure  

When starting the game, you will start at a neutral area where the tutorial introduces how the world works. The tutorial itself is easy to do with a few simple tasks to explain the game’s mechanics.   

After leaving the first area, there are basically no more quests and tasks for you. You are free to do what you want to do in Albion Online. The playstyle is really up to each individual. Do you want to be a healer? Just equip holy staff, and you are good to go. Or if you think gathering or crafting is right on your alley, you can do just exactly that all day long. 

Player Base  

Without a doubt, MMORPG without a significant number of active players is a dead game. Albion Online is certainly very much alive. This game has a healthy player community, and the player base has been growing each month.  

Sometimes, a certain area will become overpopulated, and the game has to remove some players on the screen to regulate frame drops. For example, when players cast a spell in cities, you can see the spell but not the players.  

The community in Albion Online are a bunch of helpful players too. They are friendly and willing to answer your questions, especially to new players.  

Game Performance  

Albion Online is a game that heavily relies on precision action like dodging enemies’ attacks or casting spells to other players. Even a second of lagging or breaking up while fighting will result in your players being dead.   

And that is a deal-breaker to most players. Servers are currently major problems for the game, and people are begging developers to do something about it. Yes, Sandbox Interactive did frequently upgrade and optimized their servers to improve game performance, but still, the problems persist from time to time.   


Albion Online offer Player VS Player content if you are up for it. There is a PVP Arena which is very fun to play. The arena allows you to engage in 5V5 combat with other players without the risk of losing equipment.   

The gameplay is based on domination mode. Each team will start in their own base with 150 points. Capturing zones will deduct 10 points from the enemy, and killing an enemy team will deduct 2 points from the enemy team. The first team to reach 0 points loses the game.  

Is Albion Online worth playing?  

Surprisingly, Albion Online works, and it is actually very addictive to play. Some will argue the premium status is a way that makes this game pay to win. Premium Status will provide all the following;  

  • 20 Learning Points per day  
  • 10,000 Crafting Focus per day for improved Crafting  
  • Increased skill progression with a 50% Fame Bonus  
  • Ability to buy a player island (with a minimum 30 days’ Premium)  
  • Collect 50% Silver and loot from mobs  
  • 50% increased Gathering yield (does not impact Laborers)  
  • 100% Farming yield and Animal growth times on your player island  
  • 50% Reduced Market tax  
  • Allows the player to claim the rewards from the Adventurer’s Challenge  

Premium Status could be obtained by buying with real cash or with the in-game currency. Many players suggested buying Premium Status for the first month only, and you can then farm silver in the game to continuously have the Premium Status each month after that.   

The market-driven by player really works and make the game even interesting. Each city has its own prices for all the items sold. Some stores in cities are overpriced, while others are very cheap, it all depends on which area you go to.  

Does Albion Online worth playing? Well, it all depends on the players themselves if this game suits them. No harm in trying since, after all, it is free to play, isn’t it?   


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